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Will this work for me?

If you've read this far, then I know that you're serious but there could be a few thoughts of running through your mind.

Things like...

"I don't have enough time for something else."

This mom of two is finding time simply because Jazz Piano School is soooo easy to follow!

Check out what she has to say...

The last thing you and I want is something else on our todo list. That's where Jazz Piano School is unique. With years of experience teaching thousands of students in person and online, I KNOW what works for student success.
That's why the entire course has been intentionally structured to help you absorb the content and get you playing jazz piano fast.

And just like James Watson who is actually a composer and doing lots of other things as well, Jazz Piano School is "such a clear, structured and thought out lesson plan."
He actually has to FIGHT the urge to move on! 🙂

"How is this different from other online Jazz Piano websites."

This is truly the ONLY online jazz piano website that gives you a complete, step-by-step educational curriculum to follow.  

The curriculum and materials inside Jazz Piano School aren't based off of a couple of lessons, or a couple of subjects here and there.

It's the accumulation of thousands of hours of schooling, teaching, troubleshooting, testing, and observation of jazz piano success. 

We provide a blueprint that is proven to work over and over again. This is why it is being used in colleges, universities, high schools, studios and homes through out the world. 

And don't forget...I actually used this system myself to teach myself jazz piano freedom and go on to have a fulfilling career as a professional jazz pianist.

"No matter how hard I try and learn I still can't put anything together to play the way I want."

I know you feel frustrated, discouraged, and overwhelmed by the journey that is jazz piano.

It's not easy!

Trust me when I say this...that's exactly how I felt for the first 10 years of my life.

Learning from the "Traditional Methods" of jazz education.

It's like trying to go through encyclopedia's yourself to learn American History. 

Pretty much near impossible without the right roadmap, plan and structure to order all the information for you. 

Thousands of other students have shared the same frustrations...but what they've found is that after joining Jazz Piano School they actually felt CONFIDENT. 

They knew what to learn and practice for the first time. This gave them momentum to push forward, and keep going on the right path to reach their dream. 

"I don't want this to take years of my life."

Me either! 

That's why the content in Jazz Piano School is designed to be as efficient and effective as possible.  Sarah has light bulb moments all the time when moving through our education!

Everything was developed to follow a perfected sequence of learning so that you can achieve your goal as quickly as possible as long as you're working through the materials. 

"No one will be available to help me if I start and then get stuck."

Amy found our support to be one of the highlights of Jazz Piano School. It helped her feel confident that she could do this!

Amy found our support to be one of the highlights of Jazz Piano School. It helped her feel confident that she could do this!

The best part about Jazz Piano School is we have trained college graduate "Progress Teachers" ALWAYS available to answer any of your questions whenever you want. 

You can ask them anything...at anytime...go ahead and bug us. We LOVE it!

And of course, yours truly is always available to help you as well. 🙂

"But there is already so much free jazz piano education available on the internet."

There is! And that's great!

It's always nice to pick up little nuggets here and there.

But let me ask you a question...how do you know what to learn first?

And how do you know what to learn second?

How do you know if that course you just bought on block chords is actually WHAT you need in this moment?

I'm sure you're interested in it, but is it actually helping you move forward to your primary goal?

And what voicing strategy is right for your level, or what improv elements you should be implementing at this current moment based off of what you've just learned?

The problem is, you don't really know if the information you're getting is RIGHT for where you are in YOUR journey.

Which is completely OKAY! 🙂 Because you're not the teacher.

You cannot TEACH yourself by watching youtube videos, reading articles and purchasing small courses you think are best for you.

This is exactly what Trevor did and listen to what he found out...

This is exactly why Jazz Piano School is the best.

It gives you a structured, clear, plan that will build your confidence, bring you happiness, and give you all the momentum you need to succeed and achieve your dream. 

So...what would it be worth to you if...

That's the opportunity I want to give you today.

15% of Your Enrollment Cost Goes Directly To "Save The Music to Give Kids The Gift of Music

"This is by far the best ONLINE jazz piano program I've ever seen."
Ron Rego
Jazz Piano School Lifetime Elite Member


At Jazz Piano School we have a FULL, 30-day money back guarantee even for this very special Black Friday offer of 2021. Our only mission is to help you achieve jazz piano freedom so if you are unsatisfied or unhappy in anyway, shape, or form, simply let us know and we will FULLY refund all of your money, no questions asked. 


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