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Blues Playbook

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Blues Playbook Goal:

This stage of the Success Path Curriculum will focus on the basics and building you a solid foundation to help you excel in the future. It’ll focus on educating you in the basics of jazz theory, technique, and repertoire. How to read jazz charts, chords, symbols and play them as well!

Blues Playbook Focus Points:

  • Major and Minor scales
  • How to learn jazz tunes
  • Triads & 7th chords
  • Swingin Eighth Notes
  • Learn first tune: Take The A-Train!


  • Blues Playbook
    • Step #1 – Bag’s Groove (Blues Form)
    • Step #2 – Blues Scale
    • Step #3 – LH Blues Voicings
    • Step #4 – Blues Improv
    • Step #5 – Blues Comping
    • Step #6 – Blues Styles
    • Step #7 – Blues Reharm